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Premium Catering Services—Twisted Curry


Twisted Curry is absolutely the best when it comes to Indian food catering in Phoenix! Our amazing catering spreads are the perfect option for any social gathering, be it birthday parties or major meetings. We provide fresh and good-quality regular and premium spreads at great prices that everyone will enjoy. 


We are one of the prominent catering companies in Phoenix, AZ offering authentic Indian food to spice up your dining experience. Our convenient packages come with choices of two (regular spread) or three (premium spread) curry options, appetizer, rice, salad, desserts, and naan-bread.

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If you're feeding 10 or more people, order box lunches. See our lunch box section below for different options. Make sure to place an order at least 24 hrs in advance. In case of e-mailing, please call to confirm your order. You can also request custom orders.


Let's help you create an unforgettable time with delectable food and exceptional services. Give us a call today to inquire about our services related to Indian food catering in Scottsdale. We are happy to help you!

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