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Welcome to Twisted Curry, one of the Best Indo-Fusion restaurants in Scottsdale, spreading rich-flavors and diverse traditions of India across Phoenix, Arizona.

Twisted Curry is  about thinking different when it comes to our global flavors ,approach ,style and our people. Twisted Curry aims to brings people together by letting them explore ,experience and enjoy bold international flavors made with highest quality ,wholesome and true foods.

Our avid chefs meld the best-quality Indian ingredients with a pinch of global spices to prepare Indian food in Phoenix,AZ. Some eclectic combinations prepared at Twisted Curry include Crispy Fried Chicken Tossed in Chilli Sauce, Tender Lamb cooked in Curry Sauce, Bone-in Goat Cubes cooked in scrumptious curry sauce, and much more. Our menu features carefully curated non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes from which you can choose to eat what you like.

We aim to provide well-versed services to ensure our customers will have sophisticated dining and takeaway experience. Our delightful ambiance and unique fusion of flavors make Twisted Curry, a vibrant spot for global tourists and locals alike!

Visit Twisted Curry, one of the Best Indian Restaurants in Phoenix for an ultimate, world-class experience of peerless quality and exceptional value.

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